Télécharger NTI Media Maker: Editez et gravez tous vos médias. bonjour voila j' effacé par ereur mon logiciel de gravur d'origine que j'avais sur mon pc (ces un acer xp) j'aimerai le recuperer comment sa. Si vous êtes un débutant, vous pouvez créer vos propres CD sans effort avec NTI CD-Maker. La prise en main de ce programme de gravure est rapide, son.

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CD-Maker has some default settings that actually decide what's best for the CD you're burning. This release should work reasonably well with Active Desktop. In Step 2 select the writing speed and click on start. The Populus Hotel offers comfortable and affordable accommodation in a quiet district of Prague 3 — Zizkovclose to bus and tram stops and Try using 24x CDRW or slower to solve this issue. We also have a complete collection of GMC and Chevrolet pickup trucks, and several models of electric cars like the Chevrolet Bolt and the Chevrolet Volt. The contract relation between the Hotel.

NTI Media Maker 9 est un pack logiciel complet qui contient de robustes applications média. Il contient un programme de mise en route qui s'effectue en un clic. hello: Bonjour J'ai un portable ACER sous Vista logiciel de gravure fourni est NTI Média maker 8 Lorsque je veux graver un CD audio avec [ ]. NTI Media Maker est une collection de programme médias. Il comporte un logiciel de mise en route qui se lance en un seul clic facilitant ainsi la.

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Continued improvement of the Active Desktop support, and hopefully better XP compatibility. Also, I am now providing an 'Upgrade' installer for people who already have a version of ZMatrix installed The idea is to reduce the download size for people on dial-up. On a completely unrelated note: when did so many download sites start to suck so much?

Tucows now has a seperate login location for us non-subscribed authors, and is constantly trying to convince you to shell out for faster update processing.

Now, I thought that these sites were supposed to have a mutually beneficial relationship with software authors Anyways, I'm ranting December 25, -- Merry Christmas Version 1. Many bug fixes and new features in this release. This release should work reasonably well with Active Desktop.

For a complete list of the changes in this version, see the change log at the bottom of this page. Please let me know of any problems experienced with this version of the program via the sourceforge web interfaces listed at the top of the page. I've also started taking donations of any amount from anyone who enjoys the program, and feels that it's worth something. Also, to help shrink the download size of the program, I'm looking into a web-install, so that un-needed elements namely, the font used by the program don't have to be downloaded if they're already on the target machine.

August 29, Version 1. Version 1. August 28, Version 1. Also, just to notify anyone who cares, I'll be leaving on a trip in mid September, and I likely won't be back till early to mid December a guy wears just one 'FBI Relocation Program' T-Shirt, and they say your cover's blown I'm just kidding.

August 19, Version 1. August 16, Project hosting moved to SourceForge. For some people, the message is persistent every time the program starts or refreshes , for others, it is transient happens once in a while. I have been unable to reproduce this error message on my machine, although enough people have mentioned it to me to assure me that it exists. I've got a suspicion regarding how it can be solved, but since I can't reproduce it on my system, I can't really efficiently try it out and see.

March 21, By request, I have made the source code for the program publicly available. Use the 'Development' link on the left, or scroll down to the development section for the download. The code is intended primarily as a learning tool, but I have tried to ensure that anyone can use it as they need it. For that reason, it is distributed under a BSD style license. In order to fully compile the code, you will need both Visual Studio 6. Hopefully this will not be a problem for too many people.

So I guess it's time to add a download counter and add some more 'user friendly' features to the program. In Step 2 select the writing speed and click on start. The CD will be temporarily copied to the hard drive. When the CD has been recorded to the hard drive the tray will be ejected and you will be requested to put a blank disc in.

Put a blank disc and close the tray. The CD image on the hard drive will then be copied to your blank disc. Question: Does your software support writing to the entire length of minute CDs? Answer: Yes, but your drive needs to support the burning of minute CDs. Please check with your drive manufacturer to confirm. Question: My home stereo won't play my CDs I burned - why not? Answer: Make sure that the audio CD-R is finalized. Some home players will not recognize this disc if it is not finalized.

If the free space is 0 it means that the disk has been finalized. CD-RW discs require a stronger laser to read these discs. Also, starting from Version 1.

Question: What is a Buffer-Underrun error and how can it be resolved? Answer: CD Writing is real time process which must run constantly at the selected recording speed, without interruptions.

The CD recorders buffer is constantly filled with reserve of data from the computer do not interrupt writing. A buffer underrun error means that for some reason the flow of data from the hard disk to the CD recorder was interrupted long enough for the CD recorders buffer to be emptied, and writing was halted. If this occurs during an actual write operation rather than a test, your recordable disc may be ruined. Ways to avoid the Buffer Underrun errors: Disable anything running on the computer.

Virus protector, schedule program that runs in the background and any other open programs.

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Defrag your hard disk. Do not record across a network. Log out of any networks if possible. Make sure your hard disk does smart thermal calibration.

NTI Média maker 8

More than 10, very small files should be written by a. ISO image. Question: Does your software support Burnproof technology? Answer: Yes, but note that your writer also needs to support Burnproof technology. Answer: The problem you are experiencing is called ghost writing which can be caused by a bad disc or a malfunctioning writer. In order to correct the problem, you may try replacing the disc with a new one, or you will need to contact the writer manufacturer.

Repeat as necessary. This will copy the files to the hard drive as an.


Question: When I use the Live Audio feature, why is the software telling me that my drive does not support 1x recording? Answer: Live Audio is a real time recording, which requires the drive to be able to record at 1x. If the drive cannot record at 1x then you will not be able to use the Live Audio feature in Media Maker. Question: When I type in text into my label some of the text is truncated. Answer: Each text field is limited to character including spaces.

If you need more text just open up a new text box.


Answer: You can do so easily with Media Maker. You can do this in two ways: 1. At the transition point from Data to Audio, if the audio source e. Before hardware manufacturers can solve this performance problem, a temporary solution is to use hard disk instead of CD drive as the audio source: First extracting CD tracks into WAV files and put them on your hard disk; and then prepare your Audio Layout using these WAV files.

Question: Why do I keep getting a hardware error no reason error?

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Answer: The most common cause is due to defective media blank CD. This could be one bad disc or a batch of bad discs. If you get this error try re-recording on a fresh disc preferably from a different batch and brand. If the lens is dirty, it can cause the laser to not be able to correctly focus on the media. The only other cause would be a defective unit.

Answer: CD-R discs have a section outside the standard recording area called the Program Calibration Area PCA , which is used to adjust the laser for the brand of media you're using.

A CD fixation error means that the laser does not have the ability to close the session anymore. It also means that when the laser is trying to calibrate power calibration itself, the calibration is not balanced - it is failing and that is why the laser cannot close the entire disk. The error indicates that the CD-R drive is having trouble calibrating the power setting.

Try different brands of media, and if that doesn't work you should have the drive checked by a repair facility. Due to legal issues, we are unable to provide support for PlayStation CDs. Answer: Most likely, your system has created multiple MFC You will need to rename or remove these before you can continue.

Type in MFC DLL and click enter. You will most likely have multiple files that are found in your system. Rename all of the files following the naming convention below by right clicking on the file and selecting rename. Once all of the files have been renamed install CD-Maker and then restart your computer. Answer: The problem you are experiencing is normally caused by a conflict between the installation of CD-Maker and certain types of software that are already running in your system?

In general, it is recommended to close ALL programs when installing another piece of software. Thus, the drive returns a 4x write speed to the software. Try using 24x CDRW or slower to solve this issue. Answer: All drives have media definitions loaded in their firmware to know how to handle specific media, if they do not have the specific media in their definition they default to a standard setting, which usually poorly supports the media.


Generally, drive manufactures limit their media definitions to only the major Japanese and Taiwanese media manufactures. Check with your drive manufacturer for a firmware update for your drive or try a different brand media that is more compatible with your drive.


Answer: The power range of the laser in a CD-R is between 4 and 8 milliwatts. CD-R discs have a section outside the standard recording area called the Program Calibration Area PCA , which is used to adjust the laser for the brand of media you're using.

Question: Why is it that when I record mp3s to audio some of the songs are playing at high speed sounding like chipmunk music?

Answer: You are getting that sound or music when you copy your Mp3 to the disk, because the format on your Mp3 is not standard format for NTI. Make sure that the MP3s are in the correct format. If they are not in the correct format you can use a third party software such as Cool Edit www.

You can obtain trial versions from their websites. Question: Is it easy to make a CD recording?

EasySteps incorporates the extreme ease of step-by-step recording without sacrificing the high use tools and options desired by power users. Question: What types of recordings can I make? You can also do Live Audio recording, which allows you to transfer aging cassettes and LPs to CDs, and record live music and conversations.

Question: Can I avoid buffer underruns to alleviate burning coasters? Most new generation audio CD players have this capability. That's also easy to do: select Audio CD from the home screen, drag-and-drop source MP3 files onto the target CD layout, and then start recording! Question: What are the minimum system requirements for high speed CD writing e.

The reason is that your system's performance is a function of many more variables. Question: How do I find out if my drive is supported?


You should see your drive listed there, that is called the drive ID string. If the ID String for your drive is not listed on the supported drives list at www.

Question: What is firmware and where can I obtain it from? Answer: Firmware is programming that is inserted into programmable read-only memory chip on the CDRW drive which become a permanent part of a device.